We create innovative
fintech products

That are used by millions
of users across the world

We create innovative
fintech products

That are used by millions
of users across the world

Scalable Solutions is an international technology
company that has been developing global fintech solutions
and digital asset exchange products since 2013.

During this time, we have formed a strong team of 160 engineers,
world champion programmers and developers of high-load systems,
becoming the leading technology provider in the industry.

Performance – over 100,000 TPS

Order execution time – less than 800 microseconds

Uptime – 99.99%

Our solutions delivers outstanding speed and resilience

In the last 3 years, the company has tripled in size and continues to grow.
We are looking for strong professionals who are ready
to join a diverse team of high-level experts.

Assistance in relocation
and the possibility
of remote work

We work from everywhere – Switzerland,
Great Britain, USA, Spain, Georgia, Indonesia,
Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Moldova and more.

Best Hardware on Demand
and Ergonomic Workstations

Top infrastructure to create the industry's
leading technology platform.

Continuous development
and ambitious goals

We support the implementation of personal
best practices, switching professional roles and
internal projects.

in International conferences

Working in one of the fastest growing high-tech fields requires
us to collect the best international practices
and keep ahead of the latest technological solutions.

Our perks

Flexible start of the working day

Sports compensation

Remote and hybrid work options

Days off on demand

Valuable gifts for every birthday

Comfortable office with a fully equipped kitchen, breakfast, vegetables and fruits

Attractive financial terms

Relocation package

Colleague Reviews

For me, the greatest motivation in my work is the team. I believe that if you are surrounded by experienced professionals, then you can learn a lot from them and have to match their level, and therefore grow. Scalable Solutions has a selection of truly unique professionals in their field, and I'm delighted to be part of a great team.

Ashley, Project Manager

At Scalable Solutions, I have the opportunity to develop my projects and be part of a strong team of colleagues who are also developers. A clear division of roles in the team allows me to maintain the right work-life balance.

Liam, Frontend Developer

Initially, I was interested in the industry, which led me to find Scalable Solutions. It wasn't easy to get the job, and the tasks at first seemed difficult and impossible to solve. However, now, thanks to the support of my colleagues and manager, I’m able to effectively solve even the most ambitious tasks.

Alex, Account Manager

Scalable Solutions is the company where everything is possible, I came here 2 years ago with a lot of ideas. Now I can say that most of the ideas have been implemented. It's an exciting process to see your idea acquire shape and through the process of setting a goal, tasks and a motivated team of specialists, the idea can become reality.

Sofia, Business Development Manager

In my profession, I often have to work with a lot of up-to-date information, I like being part of a changing industry and following market trends. I can proudly say that at Scalable Solutions I do what I love and love what I do.

Joseph, Data Analytic

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