Frontend Developer


  • Design and protection of the application architecture.
  • Development of new interfaces on react.js using ready-made tools and developing something completely new + layout (not pixel-perfect).
  • Participation in the elaboration of contracts (we use the contract-first approach);
  • Code review.

Our expectations

  • Typescript / Javascript browser and nodejs at an excellent level
    of HTML(5), CSS – excellent knowledge, preprocessors (LESS, SASS) and template engines.
  • Knowledge of basic data structures, understanding of algorithms and optimization methods, basic understanding of the representation of information in memory.
  • Knowledge of basic patterns, techniques and methods of system design.
  • Basic knowledge about HTTP, WebSocket networks.
  • Confident knowledge of ReactJS, Hook API and optimization methods.
  • Knowledge in the field of web application security, the main attack vectors and methods of protection against them.

Will be a plus

  • Experience with functional programming.
  • Jquery, jquery widget factoryLodash / underscore / ramdaBigNumber.js / Decimal.js.
  • Graphics (canvas / svg), D3 / tree.js or similar, build systems (webpack / docker).
  • Experience with any test framework.
  • Basic Figma knowledge for working with layouts.
  • Mobile layout experience.


  • Willingness to discuss relocation to Georgia.
  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world.