Middle-to-Senior Mobile QA Engineer

We are looking for a QA Engineer (Manual) for the mobile development team. The main task of the future colleague will be to develop the process of manual testing (we will definitely supervise and help) in the team, writing and reproducing test documentation.


  • Perform functional, integration, regression and smoke testing of mobile applications
  • Prepare test data, set up the testing environments
  • Develop test documentation for new functionality
  • Reproduce user errors

Our expectations

  • Interest in fintech mobile testing, the wish to deal quickly with new entities
  • Skills in working with the network sniffers – Fiddler or Charles, as well as collecting and analysing logs
  • At least 2 years of mobile app testing experience
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of Android/iOS platform guidelines
  • Understanding how the HTTP protocol works
  • English for reading technical documentation

Will be a plus

  • Experience with Git (we use Gitlab)
  • Experience with TMS (we use Allure EE)
  • Log monitoring experience (we use Kibana)
  • Knowledge of REST API
  • Understanding the CI/CD process (we use gitlab/jenkins)

Who is usually interested in us

  • People interested in fintech, but tired of the corporate culture and slow processes of large companies
  • Those who want their work to be needed by a bunch of users, and not just managers
  • Those who cannot live without serious challenges and complex and interesting tasks

We offer

  • Remote-first (but you can work from the office if you wish)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Attention to all your wishes


  • Willingness to discuss relocation to Cyprus and Georgia
  • The ability to choose a currency for your salary (€, $)