Rust Developer


  • Write new microservices for the platform that help to improve the performance or add new features.
  • Tuning existing microservices to improve their performance.
  • Take responsibility for the overall quality of your team’s projects.

Our expectations

  • At least 2 years of commercial development experience in Rust, with a total experience of at least 5 years in development.
  • Solid knowledge of fundamental concepts and principles of Rust programming.
  • Proficiency in asynchronous programming using futures.
  • Experience with the asynchronous runtime, Tokio.
  • Experience with one of the web frameworks: Actix-web, Axum, Hyper, or Rocket.
  • Good knowledge of SQL and experience working with Postgres.
  • Experience with message brokers (RabbitMQ, NATS, Kafka, ZMQ, etc.).
  • Proficiency with Prometheus and Grafana, experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Understanding of the TCP/IP network stack and working with it on the Linux operating system.

Will be a plus

  • Experience in developing applications in languages such as C/C++, Erlang, Haskell, and others.
  • Experience in profiling and optimizing C++/Rust applications (using tools like perf, valgrind, and heaptrack).
  • Experience in multithreaded programming (threads, synchronization, lock-free techniques).
  • Deep understanding of the internal workings of Linux (networking, syscalls, kernel space).
  • Experience with blockchain technologies.
  • Experience with Diesel.


  • Willingness to discuss relocation to Georgia.